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Anthony Jackson

Anthony has a background in business management, but his passion is animal behaviour. As a young man, he learned first hand how his actions could have both positive and negative consequences for the animals in his care. He began formal studies in Canine Behaviour to get a better understanding of how to help others and followed this up with studies in Dog Training and Applied Canine Ethology.

He completely understands owners frustrations with dogs that hog all the bed space… but has unfortunately been unable to find a suitable solution!


Lisa Thompson

Lisa ran a successful childcare agency for several years and is a qualified Reiki practitioner, a skill she finds particularly useful when working with anxious or hyperactive dogs. She is currently finishing her Diploma in Canine Nutrition, and her dream is to expand into a full doggy daycare, kennel and training facility that caters to all temperaments of dogs.

Her solution to a dog hogging all the bed space is to push it to the other side of the bed where it’s someone else’s problem…  😛


Helen Baker

Helen is a qualified health coach and has brought her talents and understanding of health and nutrition to the canine industry. She is also a member of the senior administration team with a WA based canine rescue organisation, and regularly fosters dogs before they find their new forever homes.

Helen has the most practical solution for dogs that hog the bed… kick them off! 😎