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Simply put, there’s a problem with the question. The direct answer to your question is the following statement:

We only use humane training methods, and we work entirely on building a punishment-free, loving and empathetic relationship with the dog.

The more complex answer is that ‘positive’ refers to adding something, while ‘negative’ refers to taking something away. Because we use a totally scientific approach, there are therefore four different variables to training:

  • Positive Reinforcers – When you add something to increase the occurrence of a particular behaviour. eg. giving a treat
  • Negative Reinforcers – When you take something away to increase the occurrence of a particular behaviour. eg. not giving an expected treat to create a variable reinforcement
  • Positive Inhibitors – When you add something to decrease the occurrence of a particular behaviour. eg. giving a treat when your dog ignores another dog
  • Negative Inhibitors – When you take something away to decrease the occurrence of a particular behaviour. eg. not giving an expected treat to create a variable reinforcement

There is no ethical judgement involved in the definition, it’s purely scientific.  If you were to hit your dog with a rolled up newspaper in order to stop him chewing on the couch (something we’d never recommend), it’s technically a positive inhibitor, but certainly not what most people would call a humane or ‘positive’ behaviour.

We use both Reinforcers and Inhibitors in our training to achieve the desired outcomes, but we never look to hurt or use fear to get the animal to do what we want.  We use treats and toys at times to teach new behaviours or to reinforce, but we certainly expect dogs to be able to go for a walk without us needing a bag of treats in our pocket every time!

We’re happy to chat over the phone to see if we can help you find an easy solution to your problem, but a visit to your premises to assist you does incur the $150 fee for a 2-hour session, with $50 per additional hour if needed.

We do however offer a guarantee that if we can’t help improve your dog, the session is free.

When we meet with our customers, we discuss what your objectives are for your dog.  Assuming your expectations are realistic, and you’re not trying to turn a Chihuahua into personal protection dog, or a Labrador into an astronaut, we can probably help.

Ultimately, we measure success as meeting your objectives for your dog.

On-site consultations are available for the whole Perth Metropolitan area as part of our normal charge. We hold classes at various locations both North and South of the River. Just sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to know more.

Dogs in the wild don’t have the stressors that modern dogs living with humans do.  Most behavioural issues are brought on from a lack of understanding on the part of the owners regarding the dog’s needs.  Your dog will need guidance and leadership from you, and this means our job also entails helping teach you how to have a healthy and mutually fulfilling relationship with them.

Dogs that need that extra attention come and live with one of our trainers in their home. They get walked with our dogs and get to learn what it’s like to be part of a pack. They also receive specialised one to one training that addresses their specific needs. We want your dogs to LOVE their visits with us… more like a summer camp where they get to do all new activities and meet new friends!

We prefer to feed dogs a natural raw food diet, however, your dog may not be adjusted to it. As such, we are happy to cater to any specific dietary needs or health requirements.

We accept Cash, Bank Transfer and Debit/Credit Cards both onsite and through our online payment system. All consultations will need to be paid on the day, and Board and Train is paid in advance for the duration of your dog’s stay.

Total Canine is fully insured for training pet dogs.

We can’t guarantee we can fix your dog… that’s naive, as dogs are not machines! Our fur kids are beautiful living creatures, that can be both unpredictable and complicated creatures, just like us.

What we can guarantee is that we are that confident we can help, that if we can’t improve your dog’s problem or issue and ‘bring some balance back to your family’, you don’t have to pay a cent… Now that’s a guarantee you can count on!