Training and positive socialisation experiences are the foundation of having a happy, healthy and content dog.  At Total Canine our aim is to teach you how to understand and empathise with your dog, creating a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. We feel that once you have that special bond with your dog, they will love working to please and interact with you. By creating a relaxed, positive and fun environment for him or her to learn in, we know you’ll quickly notice the difference in your dog!

Some of the basic instruction and situations we can help your dog to learn include:

  • Coming when called
  • Walking on a loose leash
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Loading and unloading from vehicles
  • Calmly riding in a car
  • Give (learning to release items of importance)
  • Toileting on lead
  • Manners: No jumping or pawing, no excessive barking or whining, greeting people and other animals appropriately
  • Proper door and crate etiquette
  • Grooming: Accepting touch, ears, nails, bathing, brushing, all in a calm manner
  • Vet exam: Stand on a scale calmly, accepting exams from a stranger
  • Socialization with people and other dogs

Should you have more serious behavioural issues with your dog, have a look at how we can help here.

Board and Train

Sometimes the issues with your dog are a little more serious and need more intensive training to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.  We offer a “board and train” package where your fur kid will stay with us while they will undergo training to help them.

This is custom tailored to suit your specific needs and the length of stay can be varied to suit.

Full Board and Train with daily walks, food and intensive one on one training all inclusive at only $600 per week.

Group Training and Workshops

We offer periodic group training sessions and specialised workshops that give you and your dog the opportunity to participate in a class environment working in with other owners with similar learning goals.

For details of what’s on the horizon, either give us a ring on 1300 620 840 or join our Facebook page!

A Guarantee You Can Count On

We can’t guarantee we can fix your dog… that’s naive, as dogs are not machines! Our fur kids are beautiful living creatures, that can be both unpredictable and complicated creatures, just like us.

What we can guarantee is that we are that confident we can help, that if we can’t improve your dog’s problem or issue and ‘bring some balance back to your family’, you don’t have to pay a cent… Now that’s a guarantee you can count on!